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Basic equipment for your plate embossing location

When opening a plate embossing location, there are numerous statutory, technical and commercial factors that must be taken into account. We can support you in implementing your plans, and fulfilling the requisite obligations.

In order to make the process easier for you, we can provide you with the complete basic equipment for the manufacture of embossed vehicle license plates.



In order to open a license plate embossing workshop, the following requirements must firstly be met, and we can help you to do so:

  • Specialist testing - Six embossed plates produced using your machines must be examined by an officially approved Materials Testing Institute (Materialprüfanstalt) to ensure conformity with the quality standard DIN 74069. Amongst other things, weather resistance is examined as part of a testing procedure with various stages.

  • DIN-CERTCO certification - Following successful test results from a Materials Testing Institute, the German surveillance authority (DIN-CERTCO) will provide a register number which is then assigned to the plate manufacturer. This certification must then be renewed every 30 months, at the operator’s cost.

  • DIN stamp - Each license plate manufacturer in Germany is obligated to emboss their DIN stamp on the front of all license plates they produce. To do this, a DIN stamp with the register number assigned by DIN-CERTCO must be produced, to be used at all times.



Basic equipment

In order to meet the requirements of a license plate manufacturing works, a significant range of basic equipment must be procured. This consists of the following products, all of which we manufacture in-house:

  • Machines (hydraulic embossing machine, hot stamping machine)

In order to manufacture embossed vehicle license plates, you will need our hydraulic embossing machine. This machine is both compact and extremely quiet, and enables its operator to work in a safe and tidy manner.

With the help of our hot stamping machine, you will be able to produce both single and double-lined embossed vehicle license plates on your site easily, safely and without mess.

  • Embossing tools (FM Standard Font, FE Narrow Font, 49 Font, and customs, seasonal and temporary tools)

To emboss vehicle license plates, we can offer you the requisite embossing tools in a range of different sizes. For seasonal, customs and temporary licenses, a basic tool is used that has magnetic insets which can be changed quickly and easily.

  • Consumable materials (blank license plates, hot stamping foil)

We offer blank vehicle license plates in all market-standard sizes. Our blank plates comply with the German Vehicle Licensing Ordinance (Fahrzeug-Zulassungsverordnung) and are produced on our site, in accordance with DIN 74069.

By using our high-quality hot stamping foils, you’ll be able to colour all standard embossed license plates. For this process, we can offer you the black, red and green hot stamping foils that are legally authorised for use on public roads, for both single and double line machines.


Accessories für plate embossers
License plate frames

Alongside the products already mentioned, we can also provide you with other accessories, such as hot stamping foils, packaging (made from paper and foil), plate or sign holders, carrying bags, etc.

  • Bags and films: To protect vehicle license plates from becoming scratched or otherwise damaged during shipping, we can provide you with bags and films.
  • Carrying bags: In addition, we can also offer you carrying bags for transporting vehicle license plates, which can be processed to bear an individual inscription for you.
  • Plate holders: You can also order secure mounting systems for license plates from us, including a variety of holders in different designs and sizes.


Maintenance and repair

We can offer you comprehensive consultation and technical services – from planning a license plate manufacturing site and designing the works through to commissioning and ongoing operation.

This includes:

  • instructing your employees, either at our production hall or at your site.
  • setting up all necessary machinery, appliances and tools at your facility.
  • servicing, maintaining and repairing all machinery, appliances and tools.

If our loyal customers suffer any major issues, we are happy to supply and deliver replacement machines fast and free-of-charge.


Advertising material

As an additional service, we can also offer you complete advertising materials to create the perfect image for your license plate manufacturing works. Amongst other items, this includes designing your indoor and outdoor advertisements, as well as traditional advertising materials such as letterheads, business cards, flyers and product catalogues, all of the very highest quality.

  • Illuminated advertising, signposts
  • Posters, banners, display systems
  • Textile printing (workwear)
  • Car graphics
  • Corporate stationary (letterheads, business cards, product catalogues…)

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