Fun plate manufacturers

Individual fun signs for your customers!

For the manufacture of fun signs, we can offer complete basic equipment and a full range of consumable supplies and accessories.

These can then be used by all required machinery and tools to emboss and colour fun signs. In addition, we can also offer you a wide range of blank fun signs and hot stamping foils to create a range of different colours and designs.

Alongside the standard embossing tools to emboss the desired text, we can also provide you with a wide range if specialist fun sign-making tools. We are constantly updating our product range of embossing tools with fun symbols.

Our complementary product portfolio for fun sign manufacturers includes convenient bags and films for packaging, as well as suction cups and screws to mount the signs.


  • Hydraulic embossing machine with undertable and embossing tool shelf
    To emboss text and symbols on fun plates, we have developed a compact and extremely quiet machine. The machine is simple to operate, and enables the operator to work in a safe and tidy manner. This machine embosses using specialist embossing tools. We can supply you with the hydraulic embossing machine, complete with a convenient undertable and tool shelf which simplify work processes and enable tools and instruments to be stored systematically.

  • Hot stamping machine with undertable
    With the help of our hot stamping machine, you will be able to create and render fun signs and plates in a simple, safe and clean manner. The machine uses high pressure and high temperatures to transfer the colours from the hot stamping foil to the raised, embossed surfaces of the fun sign.


Standard tools
In order to emboss characters and symbols, we can offer you the corresponding tools in a range of sizes. We can provide you with the following fonts:

  • FE Standard Font - up to 9 characters can be embossed on a 520 plate without a logo.
  • FE Narrow Font - up to 10 characters can be embossed on a 520 plate without a logo.
  • 30% smaller EURO Font - up to 16 characters can be embossed on a 520 plate without a logo.
  • Double-line Fun Font - up to 17 characters can be embossed on two lines of a 520 plate without a logo

Fun symbol tools
Alongside the different fonts to emboss text characters, we also offer a variety of tools with fun symbols that you can see in the adjacent image. We mill our tools in-house from high-quality materials on state-of-the-art machinery, and process them diligently. We are constantly updating our product range of tools with fun symbols. In addition to these symbols, we can also process special requirements or requests you may have, so long as you provide us with a scan-able template, and providing it is possible to manufacture the symbol as an embossing tool.

Hot stamping foils

To colour your embossed fun signs and plates, we offer hot stamping foils in a diverse range of colours, both with and without glitter effect. By using our high-quality hot stamping foils, you’ll be able to colour all standard, coated and embossed signs.

  • Range: black, red, green, white, blue, silver, red glitter, blue glitter, green glitter, pink glitter, silver glitter, gold glitter

Blank fun signs

We offer a diverse range of blank fun signs, which you can order from us in a wide selection of colours and designs.

  • Monochrome signs: black, white, dark red, dark blue, dark green, dark yellow, light yellow, orange, blue, purple, rose, pink, silver, gold, matt black, etc.
  • Effect signs: blue glitter, yellow glitter, silver glitter, red glitter, green glitter, diamond, carbon, etc.
  • Design signs: Germany, Bavarian flag, dark rainbow, light rainbow, starry sky, aqua, 200 Euro note, 500 Euro note, etc.




We can offer you a wide range of accessories for fun signs and plates.

To mount embossed fun signs quickly and easily, you can offer your clients our suction cups made from high-quality PVC. In addition, we can also provide you with our screw set, which your customers can use to mount the signs safely onto any wall.

To protect the embossed fun signs from being scratched or otherwise damaged during shipping, we recommend you consider our convenient bags and films.

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