Foreign cooperations

Cooperations with success!

In the past, A. Sievers GmbH has successfully operated numerous co-operations with partners outside Germany, by providing advice and supplying our high-quality, individually-tailored products. These co-operations came about through private requests for tender, or through other private partnerships.

Looking to the future, we continue to place high value on co-operations with foreign companies, as we seek to collaborate closely with our partners around the world. We are also happy to provide detailed information about the range of services we offer, and would work closely with you to find the ideal solutions for your project.

Alongside ready-embossed license plates, we can also supply you with blank license plates, and complete manufacturing lines from the production of blank license plates, machines and tools to embossing and colouring vehicle license plates and compatible accessories.

Get in touch with us. We are always happy to take on new challenges, and would work with you to devise an individually-tailored complete concept. This also includes a new, complete licensing system for a country.


We advise and support you with the equipment to produce vehicle license plates for all vehicles in your country, and can also supply you with the requisite products.

In preliminary talks, we would discuss the approach to the project, and discuss in depth your wishes and expectations. In addition, you would receive extensive information about our products and terms.

In further discussions, we would develop an overall concept together, and we would suggest potential individually-tailored solutions for you.

We would also be happy to provide you with details of completed projects with partners from other countries.

Machines & tools

  • Production line

We design and implement complete production lines for the manufacture of vehicle license plates, with or without embossed edges, in a wide variety of sizes and designs. The plates can be produced using reflective foils, colouring foil or reflective foils with graphic motifs and holograms as required.

  • Hydraulic embossing machine

To produce embossed vehicle license plates in your country, we can supply you with our hydraulic embossing machines. These machines are both compact and extremely quiet, and enable their operator to work in a safe and tidy manner.

  • Hot stamping machine

With the help of our hot stamping machine, you will be able to produce both single and double-line embossed vehicle license plates on your site easily, safely and without mess.

  • Embossing tools

To emboss vehicle license plates, we can offer you to appropriate embossing tools in the sizes you require. We can produce the requisite embossing tools for your country, so that you can emboss the licenses yourself.

License plates

High security license plates

We can manufacture plates for vehicle licenses in a wide variety of designs and sizes for all countries, in accordance with the relevant statutory legislation. In order to enhance counterfeit protection, we can also provide plates with a range of security measures.

  • Security features

The vehicle license plates we produce can be fitted with the following security features: logos, holograms, laser inscription, RFID technology, verification numbers, watermarks and hot stamping foils with inscriptions. In addition, we can also offer you theft-proof plate holders, and a third license plate in various forms and designs.

You can find further information on our security features for vehicle license plates under High-security vehicle license plates.


Hot stamping foil and packaging bags
License plate frames

Alongside the machinery, tools and license plates already mentioned, we can also provide you with other accessories, such as hot stamping foils, packaging (made from paper and foil), plate and sign holders, etc.

  • Hot stamping foils: In order to render vehicle license plates with our hot stamping machine, we can provide you with the necessary hot stamping foils in the requisite colours and sizes.

  • Packaging: To protect vehicle license plates from becoming scratched or otherwise damaged during shipping, we can provide you with bags and films in the required sizes.

  • Plate holders: You can also order secure mounting systems for license plates from us, including a variety of holders in different designs and sizes.




  • Maintenance & repairs

In case of unexpected problems or difficulties, A. Sievers GmbH send a technician with specialist replacement components. In extreme cases, replacement machinery can be delivered within a matter of days.

With our technicians, we are always ready and prepared to assist you and your employees. This support can be given either in the form of advice via our hotline or instructions with the help of illustrations using electronic media, as well as on-site in your manufacturing facilities.

  • Employee training

A. Sievers GmbH can also provide your employees with the requisite training at your site. Training is given by an experienced technician from A. Sievers GmbH, and encompasses operation and use of the machinery and tools, as well as all servicing and essential maintenance tasks, such as changing the hot sealing wheel.

  • Shipping & packaging

Your goods are diligently and properly packed to ensure that the products reach you undamaged and without any loss of quality.

Goods are shipped either by a haulage firm or, for longer shipping distance, by air or by sea. In addition, for local deliveries we can provide direct delivery using our own vehicles.

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