Wide range of high quality signs

Alongside vehicle license plates, we offer a wide spectrum of other signs and plates. These are available in diverse sizes, and their colours can be individually specified. We also take into account the legal provisions of the respective country if the sign is to be used in traffic on public roads.

Our product range encompasses embossed metal and textile signs, as well as fun plates and signs in a range of colours, sizes and effects. On special request, all signs we produce can be produced using with individual fonts.

Monochrome fun signs

Monochrome fun signs are a fun, individual gift idea for any occasion. Whether for a birthday, anniversary or wedding, or just a nameplate for a trucker, turn your customers’ wishes into reality.

You can order blank signs and plates for embossing with names and other text in a diverse selection of colours and designs. As standard, monochrome blank plates and signs are shipped with a raised, embossed edge. All signs can be coloured using standard hot stamping machines and inking rollers (only with K-Lack).

  • Standard colours: black, white, dark red, dark blue, dark green, dark yellow, light yellow, orange, blue, purple, rose, pink, silver, gold, matt black, black gloss

Other colours are also available on request, depending on the order quantity.

Blank fun signs

Alongside fun signs, we also offer blank signs with glitter effects and various other graphic motifs. The wide range of options means your sign can be completely unique. We have a variety of foil stickers available, e.g. a personal design or photo, emblems, cars, rings, hearts and much more.

All signs and plates can be coloured using market-standard hot stamping machines.

  • Effect signs: blue glitter, yellow glitter, silver glitter, red glitter, green glitter, diamond, carbon
  • Design signs: Germany, Bavarian flag, dark rainbow, light rainbow, starry sky, aqua, 200 Euro note, 500 Euro note

Other colours and motifs are also available on request, depending on the order quantity.

US license plates

A special plate for your customers – A US license plate

We can offer you the ability to provide your customers with a license plate featuring text of their choice, as an individual gift or a souvenir. You can see the US license plates available from stock in the list below.

If you have any special requests for a license plate, there is also the possibility to produce special license plates at short notice.

  • Standard license plates: Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Kentucky, Nevada, New York, Texas, Wyoming

Nostalgia plates and house number signs

Our blank plates for nostalgia plates, with antique edge lettering and an antique look, can be used as house number signs, private street signs, company signs or individually designed signs.

The nostalgia plates and house number signs are also manufactured using high-grade aluminium, and can be embossed using all standard embossing tools. Our signs and plates can be coloured using all standard hot stamping foils. By colouring these signs with our special gold and silver foils, they take on a stunning antique look. Our house number plates are available with up to three digits.

  • Nostalgia plates standard colours: black, white, dark blue, blue, red, green
  • House number signs standard colours: dark blue, white

Other colours can also be produced and shipped on request.

Text signs

We offer you the chance to have individual aluminium signs manufactured on our site. Whether for a warning, informative or other type of text sign, our embossed signs made from high-quality aluminium can be used for any purpose.

Our aluminium text signs can be embossed in a diverse range of formats. They are available in either white or yellow as basic colours. We can colour embossed text and the surrounding edging  in a diverse selection of colours. The signs are produced using rubber stamping, and both large and small fonts are available. Font sizes of 3–7 cm are available, and can also be used in combination with one another.

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