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... which fulfill more than just their purpose!

We offer a diverse range of facilities, machines and embossing tools for the manufacturing of vehicle license plates, fun plates and signs. We can supply these machines both new and used, depending on stocks. The hot stamping machines or ink rollers required to colour the embossed license plates are available in a range of designs and sizes.

We can also supply a wide range of embossing tools to emboss text characters. You can order these from us, and they are compatible with all generally available embossing systems.

In addition, we manufacture and distribute customs, seasonal and temporary embossing tools, as well as tools on request.

Moreover, we design and implement complete production lines for the manufacturing of vehicle license plates, with or without embossed edges, in a wide variety of sizes and designs. The blank license plates can be manufactured with reflective foil (with or without a graphic motif) or non-reflective coloured foil and, if required, holograms or laser inscriptions.

Hydraulic Embossing Machine "Silent 50"

Our hydraulic embossing machine is a compact and extremely quiet machine for the manufacture of embossed vehicle license plates. It has been tried and tested, and is used by clients both in German and abroad. The machine is simple to operate, and enables the operator to work in a safe and tidy manner.

With the Hydraulic Embossing Machine Silent 50, both single and double-line vehicle license plates can be produced using the suitable embossing tools in one complete process.

The same applies for the 130 mm tall license plates for mopeds and tractors, as well as temporary and export plates. Specific additional embossing tools are required to manufacture temporary and export license plates, which emboss the plate’s expiry date. These licenses can be printed in one single process.

Hot Stamping Machine "S120"

With the help of our Hot Stamping Machine S120, both single and double-lined vehicle license plates can be embossed simply, safely and cleanly.

The standard width of the hot stamping wheel is 125 mm, so that hot stamping foils with a width of 120 mm can be used with ease. On special request, we can also supply hot stamping machines with a broader hot stamping wheel. With the corresponding hot stamping foils, this enables you to colour license plates with a width of up to 220 mm.

For the Hot Stamping Machine S120, all standard hot stamping foils can be used an accordance with the corresponding instructions of use (in particular regarding temperature). To ensure the durability of the colour applied to the license plates, the quality of the hot stamping foil used is particularly important, as this must correspond the foil used on the plate or sign. In particular, a differentiation should be made between hot stamping foils for indoor and outdoor uses.

Embossing tools

To emboss vehicle license plates, we offer a wide range of embossing tools.

All embossing tools are available in a range of different fonts (e.g. EURO Font, Old DIN Font, etc.) and as special tool (e.g. customs, seasonal and temporary embossing tools), as well as head tooling for embossing double-line plates. We guarantee a long service life for our embossing tools, as well as excellent printing results achieved through precise processes and high-quality materials. They can be used for all single and double line license plates, and are available in all standard fonts for vehicle license plates.

For seasonal, customs and temporary licenses, a basic tool is used which is magnetic to allow quick and easy changing. Additionally, spacers can be inserted in various sizes and forms, with or without points. The spacers with points hold the plate securely during the embossing process, and thereby prevent the plate from slipping out of place.


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