Luminous license plates

A great benefit for your safety!

Enhanced security and exclusivity with luminous G-elumic license plates!

The further technical, future-oriented development of luminous foils (EL foils) has enabled an entirely new generation of vehicle license plates to be developed. The result is optimised visibility, thereby providing increased safety in traffic and an exclusive design.

The G-elumic license plate we developed with our partners has passed all required testing by the German Federal Motor Transport Authority, and thus received official permission to be used by vehicles on the road. A general design certification (ABG No. K555) has therefore been granted for rear mounting on all motor vehicles. It presents particular advantages for motorbikes.

The patented high-tech license plate stands out from all other systems currently on the market, and should therefore not be confused with LED license plates, LED plate frames or back-lit license plates.


The main components of the G-elumic plate are a trade-standard aluminium EURO blank plate, an electro-luminescent foil (EL foil) and a semi-transparent reflective foil.  These foils are applied directly onto the aluminium plate using a specialised finishing technique.

The plate is connected to the vehicle’s on-board electrical power circuit using a small 12V/24V inverter, which is connected to the back of the license plate by a flat ribbon cable.

The G-elumic is lightweight and flexible so that, just like a normal, trade-standard license plate, it can be imprinted by qualified professionals using cold forming.

The G-elumic license plate and corresponding accessories can currently be ordered in the formats 520 x 110 mm for Cars and trucks as well as 180 x 200 mm for motorbikes.


  • Uniform, very consistent and bright illumination of the license plate
  • No shadows caused by abstract light cones or reflections
  • Up to 50% better visibility e.g. in inclement weather conditions such as fog, rain or snow
  • Easily identifiable from almost all angles
  • Low energy consumption
  • No build-up of condensation as with closed LED systems
  • The license plate can be illuminated,  switched off and operated according to the Authorisation (ABG)
  • Outstanding exclusivity in traffic compared to standard road vehicles
  • Even more diverse design and construction options for car and motorcycle manufacturers
  • Optimised, space-saving mounting options for custom motorbikes and cars
  • The G-elumic can be imprinted using embossing machines with standard embossing tools
  • Compatible with all market-standard license plate holders, and the specially-designed G-elumic aluminium holders
  • Easy mounting using the installation guide and accessories provided



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