License plates

... made of high quality aluminum

Embossed and blank vehicle license plates, manufactured in a range of designs, are the key product in our wide product range. We offer customers a variety of vehicle license plate designs in a diverse range of sizes, made from high-quality materials and with the desired design.

Alongside the license plates with the EURO sign that are legally compulsory for vehicles in Germany, our product range also includes vehicle license plates for the international and global market. In order to enhance the counterfeit protection, we can also provide plates with a range of security measures.

The blank plates for the German EURO vehicle license plates correspond to the German Vehicle Licensing Ordinance (Fahrzeug-Zulassungsverordnung) and are produced on our site, in accordance with DIN 74069. The plates we manufacture are made from high-quality aluminium, and are examined every 30 months by a state-approved testing institute for conformity with the DIN 74069 quality standard.

The license plates can be coloured by using hot stamping machines as well as either black or coloured inking rollers. They can be processed using all readily available presses and hot stamping machines.

German vehicle license plates

One-line and double-line EURO license plates
Temporary, custom and export license plates
  •  German vehicle license plates with EURO sign

We deliver all blank plates used for German vehicle license plates, complete with the EURO symbol.

The blank plates can be rendered in black or any colour using hot stamping machines or inking rollers (which use ‘K-Lack’ varnish).

Our single-line plates adhere to the legally prescribed width of 110 mm in individual lengths, and our double-line plates are equally available in the legally prescribed widths of 130 mm and 200 mm in individual lengths. Other widths are also available on request, depending on the order quantity.

Our blank plates for the German EURO license plates can subsequently be processed using readily available hot stamping and embossing machines made by any manufacturer.

  • Temporary and export license plates

Alongside plates for legally required EURO vehicle license plates, we also offer temporary and export license plates in a range of different sizes and designs, in accordance with the Regulation Authorising the Use of Vehicles for Road Traffic (Straßenverkehrszulassungsordnung, StVZO).

Our blank plates for temporary and export license plates can later be processed using readily available hot stamping and embossing machines made by any manufacturer.

International license plates

International license plates

We can manufacture plates for vehicle licenses in a wide variety of designs and sizes for all countries. These can be produced in almost any desired size, both with and without a logo (images), hologram or laser inscription. Further information on our security features for vehicle license plates can be found under High-security vehicle license plates.

The blank plates and license plates are available either unembossed (with or without a raised edge) or embossed with various individual inscriptions and special embossing. The plate’s colour can also be individually selected. Details must be defined and confirmed in advance.

For any concrete requests, please contact us.


  • Blank plates for vehicle license numbers in a range of designs, sizes and colours
  • International license plates
  • Temporary and export license plates (legally compliant) for the German market, in a range of sizes and variants
  • Vehicle license plates corresponding to the German Vehicle Licensing Ordinance (Fahrzeug-Zulassungsverordnung) and DIN 74069



Design types:

  • Unembossed license plates (with or without raised border)
  • Complete, embossed licenses in a range of individual fonts and special embossing
  • License plates with or without a logo (an image/symbol), hologram, laser inscription or other security features to increase the counterfeit security



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