High security license plates

License plates with increased security against counterfeiting!

In order to increase the counterfeit protection of vehicle license plates, we provide a variety of security features. In addition to these security features, we also offer customers anti-theft fixtures and a third license plate for the vehicle’s front windscreen, available in a range of styles.

Details on security features can be found in the following pictures and descriptions.


A logo in the form of a national flag, the EURO sign, a regional badge or similar images can be added underneath the uppermost transparent layer of reflective foil. This image then cannot be removed by water dilution, cleaning agents or other chemical substances. The logo can only be removed by destroying the foil. Depending on the logo’s level of complexity, this also leads to enhanced counterfeit protection. The colour of the logo is freely selectable (and is also available multi-coloured).


To further enhance counterfeit protection, a chrome hologram can be added where desired on the vehicle license plate’s reflective foil. This hologram forms a firm connection with the reflective foil, and can only be removed by destroying the foils. The hologram can take any shape and contain any image you wish (e.g. round, with a national building or famous person etc.). The colour of the hologram is freely selectable (and is also available multi-coloured).

Laser Inscription

Laser number

To allow the vehicle license plate to be clearly identified, when the plate is produced a laser number can be inscribed into the plate’s reflective foil. If this number is registered, then the license plate can be precisely tracked. Number ranges are given to the manufacturer by the relevant government ministry. The combination can include both alphabetical and numerical characters.


RFID license plate

In addition, we have the capability to affix an RFID chip to your license plate. This chip in the license plate enables your vehicle to be identified quickly and accurately. Please get in touch for further information.

Verification Number

To enable the vehicle license plates and their manufacturers to be identified, a so-called verification number can be assigned following successful quality testing. This number must then be imprinted on each finished blank plate face (e.g. reverse) and each finished vehicle number plate (e.g. front side).

Waterwark / Security wave

To enhance counterfeit security, an additional watermark or security wave can be incorporated into the reflective foils. This watermark is placed below the uppermost layer of reflective foil, and can be designed as desired. However, its colour must be grey or black.

Hot stamping foil with inscription

To further increase counterfeit protection, it is possible to arrange a hot stamping foil with an inscription (e.g. country name). In this case, all raised and embossed areas of the vehicle license plate, which are usually black, can be inscribed with a different colour. For this, you have a choice of chrome text or standard text.

Third license plate

High-security license plates

For high security requirements, we can produce an additional third license plate, to be placed inside the car on the windscreen. In this case, a special adhesive is produced from self-destroying foil with the vehicle license plate’s details, and is glued to the inside of the vehicle’s windscreen. The adhesive cannot be removed from the windscreen without being destroyed. By using a third license plate, the police can check at any time that the vehicle license plate corresponds with the third license plate, and ensure that neither are counterfeits.

Theft-proof fixtures

As a final option to enhance counterfeit protection, you can choose to use of theft-proof screws when affixing the license plate to the vehicle. For example, this could include using a screw where the screw head breaks off after mounting, or a screw which can only be tightened, not loosened, due to a suitably configured screw head.

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