Wide selection of additional products

As well as signs and license plates, we can also provide you with accessories and supplementary products in the field of vehicle license plates. From hot stamping foils and varnish to render embossed vehicle license plates or fun signs, through to screws and a diverse range of other accessories, our product range is almost endless.

To render embossed vehicle license plates or fun signs, we offer both hot stamping foils and varnishes with thinner. Our hot stamping foils can be used with all market-standard hot stamping machines produced by a variety of manufacturers.

With us, you can also find compatible accessories for vehicle license plates and fun signs, as well as other products. Alongside the classic parking discs, our product range also includes speed signs and various products to mount and secure license plates on the vehicle. In order to affix license plates to vehicles or other locations, we offer the optimised screw set, practical suction cups or our license plate holders. Our entire range can be utilised on public roads, and is so straightforward a child could use it.

Hot stamping foil

By using our high-quality hot stamping foils, you’ll be able to colour all standard, coated and embossed signs. Alongside the black, red and green hot stamping foils authorised for use on public roads that can be used in single and double-lined hot stamping machines,  we offer a wide range of other colours for fun items, both with and without graphic effects, some of which can only be applied to indoor products.

The black, red and green hot stamping foils authorised for use in public roads can also be obtained from us. We can offer you these foils in two different widths – for single and double-lined license plates.

  • Standard colours for public traffic use: black, red, green
  • Standard colours for fun-plates: black, red, green, white, blue, silver, red glitter, blue glitter, green glitter, pink glitter, silver glitter, gold glitter

Other colours are also available on request, depending on the order quantity. Simply get in touch!

Varnish and thinner

To colour the embossed license plates with a varnishing machine, we offer a synthetic varnish (K-Lack) with a corresponding thinner. The synthetic varnish is suitable for all common foil types, and is available in various colours.

Thinner is supplied in 5 litre containers, black varnish in 3/5 kg bottles and other colours in 1 kg bottles.

  • Standard colours: black, white, red, blue, green

Stain removers, hand soaps and cleaning cloths

As an accessory for colouring vehicle license plates, the hot stamping process and for varnishing, we offer stain removers, hand soaps and cleaning cloths.

The stain removers are particularly effective at removing accidental black or coloured blobs and specks from the reflective foils on finished vehicle license plates.

  • Stain remover: 1 litre NL30
  • Hand soap: 1 litre Cupran
  • Cleaning cloths: Roll with 2500 sheets



Vehicle license plate holders

license plate holders

To securely affix license plates to the vehicle, on request we can also provide a range of plate holding systems. From folding holders to holders with mouldings, clip-in holders for double-line plates to elegant stainless steel and aluminium holders, all models are available from our warehouse.

Product range:

  • Plastic holder for insert
  • Plastic holder with advertising slogan
  • Plastic support
  • KLICK plastic support
  • Aluminium and stainless steel supports
  • G-elumic license plate holder
  • Adhesive license plate holder for fast plate attachment


To secure license plates and their holders to vehicles, we provide both threaded and tapping screw sets with complementary coloured caps, in a range of designs. You can order these from us in transparent packed units (blister pack complete with screws for use on vehicle license plates).

  • Contains: 4x Phillips or threaded screws, 4x washers, 8x end caps

Suction Cups

An a further accessory, we can offer you suction cups for attaching plates to smooth surfaces. The mounting cups are made from high-grade PVC, are fixed using a plastic nut and are therefore particularly suitable for easily mounting plates to window panes or affixing them to other smooth surfaces.

With our suction cup, you not only save money but also save yourself time when mounting. Our durable suction cups offer a secure hold for license plates, and are excellent for fast and straight-forward mounting on smooth surfaces.


In addition, we offer an extremely diverse range of accessories and related products in the area of vehicle license plates, such as:

  • Parking discs
  • Magnetic attachments
  • KLACK-ZACK plate mount
  • Kilometre round blanks in aluminium and foil designs
  • Carrying bags
  • "Rally" foil plates
  • Foil and paper bags


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